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  1. Really nice video. Just started researching matched betting. Couple of questions
    1. If you setup multiple accounts on bookie sites will they pickup if the account has the same bank account or PayPal making the deposits or not?
    2. I dont much at all about the lay but thought that was done through the exchange and not the bookie?
    So how do the bookies pick up these arb bets? How would they know a both back and lay gas been placed?

    Will definitely get the bpm through your referral. Do u also have free trial or discounted referral for profit acculturator..
    3. Might have this on another video of yours but how much time would it take per weej to make 500 per month.. Just an average do I have an idea if its, feasible.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi, please jump on a live stream Mon-Thurs 7-8pm with any questions and I will happy to answer. Thanks

  2. ive used purevpn in the past to login to bet365, they use diffrent server details to allow access to that. Im sure other vpns also work, if not contact them.

  3. Makes more sense to actually put a bet on now and again and lay on the exchange so you aren’t just taking free offers. Thanks for the advice

  4. Chris here, thanks for watching. You can find a step by step first offer guide here thanks:
    Also now have a Telegram group free to join which I post exactly which 2ups I am taking each day here:

  5. I havent started matched betting yet but if I purchased years worth of VPN with private internet access, could I switch it off so I could trade with bet635? 😀

  6. Do you use other peoples banking info when you set up other accounts or your own?

  7. I find that doing extra places with 365 i get gubbed very quickly. 5-6 accounts gubbed/resticted with 365, however sky im still not gubbed or heavily restricted even after taking 1000s

  8. Hi Chris, loving the videos been watching them all, you say that we should put on normal (mug) bets to keep the accounts healthy ..however when youre starting with a low bank roll you need the money that you may have won on your back bets to put back into your exchange ..so what Im asking is keeping a budget aside for mug bets something youd do once youve finished your welcome offers and youre on to rebound offers ?
    Keep up the awesome videos 👍🏻

    1. Hi Gavin, just sharing what works for me and I have never had a problem with using one. Using it has stopped me from getting gubbed so I am just talking from my experience. Thanks

  9. Hi, you give the best explanation about matched betting so I like watching your videos because there easy to understand! I want to ask if it’s possible if you could get your account closed. Some other YouTube videos have said your account could be closed instead of restricted. Is this true? So when your account is restricted you can still withdraw money out of the account. But when your account is closed does that mean you won’t get your money automatically withdrawn?

    1. Hi Jade, thanks for the kind words. Please join in on the live stream at 7pm today and I will be happy to talk about this. Thanks

    1. Hi, it is for the offers for people in the UK but you can do it with companies outside of the UK. Thanks

  10. Would go incognito on your mobile help to stay under the radar when logging in and out of multiple accounts ?

  11. Love your videos! Wanted to know i would raise suspicion if I was to bet on football teams from a variety of countries or should I just stick to English teams? Thanks 😃

    1. Hi, thanks for the question. Please do get involved in the live stream at 7pm today with any questions. I do a live stream here on YouTube on a Monday evening then another 3 Tuesday to Thursday over on Patreon in the evening for helping people with various ways to make money online. Thanks

  12. In general, Can bookmakers not identify when a VPN is used to access their site~ then gub the account? I would have thought they were onto when a VPN is used

    1. @Stanislav Chyzhman this happened to me, betdaq account was permanently closed.

    2. Most of them dont but Betdaq closed my account because I was using VPN. But when I contacted them, they replied that if I turn the VPN of they will reopen my account.

  13. Betting websites dont know what other websites you have accessed. The only ones who can do that is the government with a warrant sent to your internet provider, so I dont see why VPN would be necessary.

  14. Mate 100% match is a not great example of a mug bet..there is no value you give back to bookmaker.

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